Friday, July 30, 2010

MTV takes control of self esteem & being yourself with the new reality show ; If You Really Knew Me

The MTV reality show, (which airs at least once a day) 'If You Really Knew Me' got my attention while channel surfing after hearing about the 'be the change' campaign that had been buzzing in high schools all across the country. I found myself relating to each and every student - i couldn't get enough. I watched both hour long episodes in a row, and i knew that as soon as i was done that i would have something to blog about. Check it out!!

In high school, there are the students who rule the school -- like jocks, cheerleaders, and the popular kids -- and the ones who get picked on -- like nerds, emos, and outcasts. That's just high school, right? But what if you could change that?
Like a reality version of The Breakfast Club, each episode of If You Really Knew Me takes place at a different high school, and follows five students from different cliques as they go through the life-changing experience of Challenge Day, a one-day program that breaks down the walls between cliques, and completely changes the way students view their school and each other. Watch the amazing transformation each week as new students open up for the first time and try to change by revealing who they really are, behind the cliques and the labels. Is it possible to change your life, and maybe even your high school, in one day? These students are going to find out... on If You Really Knew Me.

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